Animals (or, Alternatives to Pictograms)

The first assignment for screenprinting class: creating pictograms.

From a technical standpoint it makes a lot of sense. A pictogram is a stylized representation of something, which has meaning through collective consciousness.

🔥 represents “fire.” But, from context, it may mean “burn” (as in, the slang for disrespectful behaviors) or it may mean “on fire” (shorthand for someone performing superbly).

  • The stylization aspect allows more abstracted imagery, which tends to be more simplified than reality would be. This allows screenprinters to side-step photo emulsion processes (more time-consuming and nuanced) for older stencil-based designs.

I am not particularly fond of pictograms.

So, I started exploring alternatives. And I started doing line art. To be able to make these into stencils, my line art needed to have breaks in them; to be able to imply the figures’ edges. I varied thickness and direction to imply movement and form.