From afar, Lutetia is a technicolor flower peeking through clouds. Glass and carbon highrises form stamens, punctuating UpperCity’s centre. Eight semi-circular petals extend out, farmland framing the OuterRing. Beneath, a bulb hides the ever-twilight UnderCity and icy Core.

Originally, Lutetians lived only in the UnderCity, protected by walls and plate top. With a soap bubble dome, they moved into the sunlight.

Some still live in the UnderCity. The forgotten. The rejected. Modis (makina and mutacion) deemed too unsavory for Lutetia’s new image. A clean Lutetia. A perfect utopia to pursue one’s passions.

Lutetia’s crimes yet lie beneath. Remnants of weapons and monsters and plagues. Lutetia, long before you or I, had been a research facility, built outside the scope of international law.

None of this is immediately relevant.